| Frequently Asked Questions

I am trying to Register, but I am getting an error message saying my email address is already registered.
Sometimes managers enter their employee's email address when adding the employee to the site. If you are sure you have entered in the correct email, this may be the case and it is suggested that you reach out to your manager to verify. If you need to reset your password, you can do so here.

I have tried to reset my password and am still having trouble logging in.
Please ensure you are logging into the correct portal, either Manager or Employee. You may want to check with your Manager to see if they have changed your account to have Manager rights. If you are still having an issue please contact support@heresyourschedule.com

How many months will my past schedules display online?
Currently we do not limit the number of months schedules will show online. We will do our best to notify all users in advance if this policy changes in the future.

Can I make it so some of my employees can post schedules as well?
Yes. You can do this by going to the "Manage Employees" page then the "Manage Permissions" page. You will then need to select an employee to be a manager. This gives the employee the ability to post schedules.

I am seeing a message saying "Please Enable JavaScript or email support@heresyourschedule.com"
There are certain functions that need JavaScript in order to work properly. If you are seeing this error you must enable javascript to continue.

Is it possible to post schedules in advance?
Yes, you are able to post future dated schedules. On the "Current Schedule" page you and your employees will see the most recent schedule that has been posted before the current day. For example, if you posted 2 schedules, one for Feb 12th and another for Feb 19th and today was the 17th, the schedule for the week of Feb 12th would be displayed. You can still see the other schedule on the All Schedules page.

Is HeresYourSchedule.com as cool as I think it is?
Yes, yes it is.